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New Blue Sky
New Blue Sky is one of the most original albums of the decade; Ten rock ballads tell the Story of a Souls escape from illusion and emergence into truth. This is Music for the new way and the new Millennium!
John McKenna's Album - Lean a Little Closer
Lean a Little Closer
Lean A Little Closer is an collection of soft acoustic ballads and love songs. Rich textures and flowing lyrical messages will sooth you and open your heart to a message from Spirit inviting you to connect.
John McKenna's Album - Twilight
Twilight   Eleven melodic journeys will take you deep into the place between two worlds. Deeply reflective as you stop to remember the way. Enjoy a midsummers evening twilight. Ballads with depth and passion.
John McKenna's Album - Shining Down
Shining Down
Shining Down was my first album. Dear to my heart, it is a message of love that tells of the choice to be the light shining down for all to experience. Eight folk rock ballads that will take you in a divine journey.
No Ordinary Days.jpg
No Ordinary Days
No Ordinary Days, the strange tale of a man who finds a strange book and falls off the known world into the Akashic Records of all his past lives. It is a science fiction Rock Opera reminiscent of Pink Floyd. 
Sweet Mystery
Sweet Mystery a collection of soft rock ballads about the muses dedicated to the poet and the angels who always get me out of tight places. Easy on the ears with deeply moving lyrical messages.
Listen contains eleven Rock Ballads of Spiritual strength and transformation. In other words, how to deal  when  the shit hits the fan. I was given the grace of inner strength by the dear Muse during this creation.
Something Beautiful.JPG
Something Beautiful
Your Life as Something Beautiful is a study in optimism. This is music that celebrates how Beautiful your life can be, if you  look at it through the eyes of your Source and hold on when the going gets tough.
Legend was a band in the 80's. We played Celtic Rock originals. I recently found an old cassette recording of us playing live. This was way before the days of digital recording and before the internet. We were three idealistic guys trying to be cool. Just sayin'.
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