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John McKenna's  Purple Music

No Ordinary Songs

John McKenna is the former lead guitarist and lead vocalist for "Legend" and a winner of Billboard Magazine's annual songwriting competition. John Played in The Brewed, The Talon Brothers Band, and Subject to Change but most often as a solo act.

These songs represent many years of introspection and inspired songwriting. I never wrote a song on Purpose. I would wake up every day grab the guitar and just start playing and singing, and if I sang something interesting I would write it down and then listen for the rest of the words. It was totally joyous and I have many books of these dialogues between me and the Muse. We sure have a lot of fun. I sing and receive, then after all the work of producing them I get to hear what the muse was saying to me. These songs are messages and dialogues between me and the Spirit. Thanks for listening. And please share this site with a friend.

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