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John McKenna's  Purple Music

No Ordinary Songs

Thank you so much for visiting me here. My Angels and I have been writing and recording in my home studio for over 100 years, or so it seems. This is our labor of LOVE. All the songs here can be downloaded for free or you can name your own price and contribute.

Occasionally I played in bands. I was the founder, lead guitarist, and lead vocalist for "Legend" I played lead guitar in The Brewed, The Talon Brothers Band, and Subject to Change, but most often I performed acoustically as a solo act.

Click on any album on the music page and enjoy listening for free. If you like it you can download it. These songs represent many years of Divine guidance, inspiration, introspection and perspiration. I performed all the tracks on these songs and it was a great joy. Thanks so much for listening. And please share this love with your friends.

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